Celebrating 66 years of Ministry in East Pasadena! Nestled    in    the    foothills    of    the    San    Gabriel Mountains,   Trinity   Presbyterian   Church   peeks   out of   a   park-like   setting   to   remind   all   who   pass   the corner   of   Sierra   Madre   Boulevard   and   Hastings Ranch   Drive   that   God's   love   and   hope   are   alive and   working   in   Pasadena.      Perhaps   that   is   most fitting as it all began in a park. Trinity   was   established   in   June   of   1948   to   serve   a new,     East     Pasadena     housing     development, Hastings   Ranch,   which   was   just   being   built   in what   had   previously   been   orchards   and   farmland.     Its   first   meetings   were   held   in   the   "Park   House"   in Sierra   Madre   and   later   in   the   Masonic   Temple   as the   new   congregation   continued   to   grow.      Its   first Pastor,   the   Rev.   Clarence   Shakelford,   began   the congregation   from   the   ground   up   by   going   door   to door   to   introduce   neighbors   to   the   new   church.     Rev.   Shakelford   served   until   1950   when   he   was called   to   active   service   as   a   U.S.   Navy   Chaplain during the Korean war.                                             Trinity   continued   to   grow   under   the   guidance   of the   Rev.   Donald   Ostrander.      The   congregation purchased   property   from   the   Christian   Brothers (LaSalle   High   School)   in   order   to   build   a   church building   and   during   construction   worshiped   at   the Women's   Club   in   Sierra   Madre.      The   building   was first   occupied   in   1952.      Members   of   the   church participated    in    its    construction.        The    church continues   to   depend   on   its   members   to   maintain the   beautiful   grounds   around   the   church   --   some of    the    only    remaining    "green    space"    in    East Pasadena. Over   the   years   Trinity   has   reached   out   to   the community   in   many   different   ways.      Since   1952, Trinity   has   shared   its   space   with   the   Hastings Ranch   Nursery   School.      The   facility   was   in   fact intentionally   designed   to   house   the   school.      In   the early   1980's,   the   church   partnered   with   Fuller Theological   Seminary   to   become   the   home   of   the Community    Assistance    Program    for    Seniors (CAPS),    a    daycare    center    for    seniors    with Alheimer's    disease    and    other    related    memory impairment   disorders.      CAPS   continues   to   serve the   needs   of   the   greater   Pasadena   area   today.      In the   mid-1960's   the   church   made   a   significant stand   for   social   justice   when   it   sold   a   home   it owned   in   Upper   Hastings   Ranch   to   an   African American   family.      In   1981,   the   congregation   was one   of   the   early   churches   in   the   Presbyterian Church   (U.S.A.)   to   take   the   then   bold   step   of calling   a   woman,   the   Rev.   Barbara   Stout   to   be   the pastor.      In   1996,   Rev.   Stout   retired   and   the   church shortly   thereafter   called   the   Rev.   Cynthia   Crowell.     Rev.   Crowell      has   served   as   the   pastor   of   Trinity Church since 1998.